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Re: Audi stuff in "Automobile"

GregoryPC@aol.com writes:
> The Audi normally aspirated 20Valve 4 cylinder (125hp) is disappointing
> compared, for example, to the Acura 1.7 liter (170hp).  Five valves per
> cylinder is a landmark event for production, but variable valve timing (as in
> the Acura and BMW M3) seems to the the next logical technological step for
> multi-valve engines.  

Before you make simplistic judgements based upon the horsepower
figure, check out the torque curves of the two engines.  The Acura
may have 170hp, it needs 8000rpm to get there.  Way down low where
most people do their real driving on the street (say 2000-4000rpm),
the story is not so clear-cut... I bet the Audi 20V 4-cylinder
would have more oomph than the Acura.

Audi 20V 1.8L Four non-turbo
125 hp @ 5800 rpm
128 lb-ft @ 3950 rpm

Audi 20V 1.8L Four turbo
150 hp @ 5750 rpm
155 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm (and maintains this up through 4600 rpm)

Does the Acura engine achieve 128lb-ft below 4000 rpm?  I doubt it.
So while the Acura driver is numbing his/her hearing trying to
rev it up, the Audi would already be pulling ahead...

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