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Re: Audi stuff in "Automobile"

Barton P. Chambers writes:
> > Before you make simplistic judgements based upon the horsepower
> > figure, check out the torque curves of the two engines.  The Acura
> > may have 170hp, it needs 8000rpm to get there.  Way down low where
> > most people do their real driving on the street (say 2000-4000rpm),
> > the story is not so clear-cut... I bet the Audi 20V 4-cylinder
> > would have more oomph than the Acura.
> > 
> > Audi 20V 1.8L Four non-turbo
> > ----------------------------
> > 125 hp @ 5800 rpm
> > 128 lb-ft @ 3950 rpm
> > Does the Acura engine achieve 128lb-ft below 4000 rpm?  I doubt it.
> No flame here, amigo, but 3950 ain't a whole heap of revs lower than 4000...

OK, I checked.  The Acura Integra GS-R needs 6200 rpm to reach its
torque peak of 128 lb-ft.  At lower revs, the Acura would definitely
be quite "soft" compared to the Audi!

I have to admit that the Audi non-turbo 20V four may not be a pavement
burner, but my point is that Audi (and VW, and for that matter most
German car makers) have engines that are designed with many factors
carefully taken into consideration: real world driveability, economy,
emissions, longevity, etc...  Audi is usually very conservative with
their street engines; and that's the reason we see so many Audis
with 300K+ miles and still running strong.

Acura's Integra GS-R is a good example of marketing-driven engineering.
That 170hp sounds mighty good to Joe Consumer (A higher horsepower
number must be better isn't it?), and I bet those 170hp helped them sell
lots of cars too.  Too bad, because because Joe Consumer might not even
notice that his 170hp is slower than other cars with a smaller horsepower
figure...  I also question whether he'll still have those 170 horses
after years of prolonged revving.  Oh I forgot, it doesn't matter, because
by the time the Acura gets to be a couple years old, a newer and
"better" Acura will be waiting...

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