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Re: oil starvation

Andrew Shea writes:
> 	I just recently had an oil change on my 4000cs.  However, when I
> go around a corner real fast (read almost too fast), the oil light goes
> on.  I had this problem before and just added a little oil because the
> stick indicated that the level was low.  But the stick now indicates
> that the level is, if anything, a little high.  Is it time to go to a
> sport tuned baffle?  Am I just pushing the car harder than I should? The
> last thing I want to see happen is my engine die die due to oil
> starvation.  Thank you!

The 1980-87 generation of US-model Audi 4000s have a relatively small
oil pan (3.2 quarts), and it is not unusual to experience oil starvation
in fast corners if the oil level is a little low.  I used to get that
in my 4000 often.  It is, of course, a bad thing to have that happen,
but if you just keep your oil level up at the maximum mark then
it's usually no problem.

When I did the 2.0 liter engine swap to my 4000, I switched to a fancy
cast aluminum, finned and baffled oil pan (factory part, used on some
European Audis).  This is a very hard-to-find piece in the U.S., and
completely solves the oil starvation problem.  It also increased the
capacity to nearly 5 quarts, due to the funky protrusions on the two
sides of the pan.  This is the only baffled oil pan that I know of
that will fit the Audi 4000.

Note that although the Audi 4-cylinder engine is essentially the same
as those on the VWs, the oil pans are NOT compatible between the
VW (transverse) and Audi (logitudinal) applications.  VW's oil pans
will interfere with the Audi front subframe.  Thus, the aftermarket
aluminum oil pans for VWs (such as the Neuspeed) will not fit an
Audi 4000.

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