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Re: Noisy fuel pump - 5000TQ

>Hairy green toads from Mars made Zafer Mehmood say:
>> From your experiences, how close is my fuel pump from biting the dust?
>> I am thinking of buying a spare pump and keeping it in the car just in
>> case. When should I replace it? I've priced a new Bosch fuel pump. The
>> cheapest I found was $145 at Halsey Imports. Any one get a better price?
>> Where?
>I pulled your little game. Left me stranded one night going home
>from work. So, in addition to the $200 for replacement, I got a
>bill for $50 for towing. Not nice.
>Just replace it now, and save yourself getting stranded somewhere
>less convenient than I was.
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>Only my cat shares my opinions, and she can pump fuel into her mouth quickly.

Okay.  SOOOOO, I've been lucky for 10 years!