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re: tyres on the 100

>I finally washed the wheels on my car at the weekend. Then I noticed the 
>tyres. It's a 100E 2.8 auto, so front wheel drive, not a quattro. In 
>september 94 I fitted four new Pirellis at enormous expense. The fronts 
>are now pretty bald, illegal, according to the tyre garage. I mean, I 
>drive the thing exuberantly, but not wheel spinningly so: I've always 
>believed in the subtle art of blowing the doors of lesser machinery, not 
>screeching off at the lights. It is an auto, I know. After five months, 
>should I be seeing this kind of wear, because the backs are brand new 
>looking (yeah, I know there's no drive going to them, but still). 
>        So, Is this normal? And 2, what new tyres would you recommend? 
>Good all rounders, good for quick, vigorous driving, but also for 
>luxurious cruising. It's got the 15" alloys, 215 60 ZR 15

Dunlop Sport 4000's if they have them over there ("All Season") or the
Sport 8000's or D40's.  Always been good to me on my TQC and were better
than the set of Pirelli P700Z's that I chewed up.