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Re: 1993 90CS

>On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Steve Marinello wrote:
>> DOn't think I'd straight pipe my wife's car, but I was thinking of
>> customizing it with a Dynomax or some similar hi-p unit with an Ansa tip. 
>> Works great on the TQC.
>I checked on the Ansa myself.  It runs around $130 for just the rear 
>muffler.  It does have cool twin tips though.  For aftermarket 
>replacement, it seems to be the hot setup.  I work in a parts store and 
>couldn't find a Dynomax that would fit.  The factory mufflers are just so 
>thin (top to bottom), that a large case muffler wouldn't offer enough 
>ground clearance or would interfere with the rear axle.  If you find a 
>good one, let me know.
>                                ---Bob


FYI on my TQC set-up.  The rear two mufflers were removed and the Dynomax
unit was put where the rear muffler was originally...no center unit.  The
Ansa piece is just the tip set, which we did have to cut a little short to
make it fit.  It has worked extremely well from performance (no flat spot)
and sound quality (very assertive, but not loud) points of view.  The only
draw back is the close fit once we got it all together..tended to trash the
earlier, non-reinforced Audi exhaust hangers.