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Re: 1993 90CS

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, Steve Marinello wrote:

> BOb:
> FYI on my TQC set-up.  The rear two mufflers were removed and the Dynomax
> unit was put where the rear muffler was originally...no center unit.  The
> Ansa piece is just the tip set, which we did have to cut a little short to
> make it fit.  It has worked extremely well from performance (no flat spot)
> and sound quality (very assertive, but not loud) points of view.  The only
> draw back is the close fit once we got it all together..tended to trash the
> earlier, non-reinforced Audi exhaust hangers.

Could you produce the part # for the Dynomax you used.  I would be very 
interested to see the specs. for it's size.  I couldn't find anything to 
come close.  BTW, what daimeter is the pipes that you are using?  I 
beleive mine are 2".