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Re: Audi stuff in "Automobile"

On 2 Feb 1995, David Robbins wrote:
> This is NOT true.  The Legend has always had a V-6.  In fact, the Accord uses
> the V-6 from the first generation Legend.  The Integra is based on the Civic
> platform and therefore, probably isn't designed to accomodate a V-6.  The
> competition for the Integra (Prelude, Celica, 240SX, Diamond-Star Twins)
> typically do not have V-6 engines except the Probe/MX-6.

the reason why honda couldn't use its v6 on the lesser cars is twofold.

1) marketing dweebs didn't want to hurt legend sales

2) the v6 engine may be all aluminium alloy but it is a $%^&*# heavy lump. 
at 500+ pounds for the original 2.5 liter which is sohc/bank, it weighs more
than the audi v8 3.6 w/ dohc/bank.  yup, formula 1 inspired, alright.  NOT! 
to be fair, the porsche v8 (from the 928) was considered and rejected by
audi, also because it was too heavy.

this would probably have driven the weight distribution of the accord to
something like 75/25...and they probably would have needed 245 tires up
front and 155 tires rear for it to handle neutrally... :) :) :)