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Re: Audi stuff in "Automobile"

> Yes, agree...  Plus the only reason the acura is using the very expensive
> VTEC is because they did not have a 6 under development  until 1996 
> (remember the acura 6 in the accordis only in for the 1995 model with it's 
> expensive sohc setup).  Now they finally have a six anounced for 1996,
> we'll see!!! Not sure why acura didn't pick up on the 6 knowing that all
> the competition was...

This is NOT true.  The Legend has always had a V-6.  In fact, the Accord uses
the V-6 from the first generation Legend.  The Integra is based on the Civic
platform and therefore, probably isn't designed to accomodate a V-6.  The
competition for the Integra (Prelude, Celica, 240SX, Diamond-Star Twins)
typically do not have V-6 engines except the Probe/MX-6.