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Re: License Plate

Andrew Shea said:

>   I'm not trying to argue, but I have had a front plate on my
> Massachusetts  registered car for a year now.  They have been switching
> over to the two plate system for over two years.  Everytime a person
> needs a new plate, the registery now gives them two plates.  The reason
> for the switch over (according to a  state Trooper) is that it makes it
> easier for a hit and run victim to identify the car that hit them by
> allowing them to view the plate before they are hit.  Just my $.02.
> 	Andrew

Sorry for the diversion (for you non-Mass people), but...  You are able to
keep your old plate(s) (if you are transfering your reg from another car). 
Sounds like this car is being added to your stable, in which case, you're
right, you will get the red-lettered plates (a pair of them).  The registry
people will tell you that you can be ticketed for not having the front plate