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Re[2]: License Plate

> I was sort of wondering when Massachusetts would join the 
> rest of the country (I think they were the only 1-plate state left).
> ...
> BTW, that reasoning by the trooper sounds silly. My bet is
> that they just want to go to the national standard of two 
> plates for general enforcement purposes.

It's not really a national standard.  There are at least a few 
states without front plates (e.g., PA, MI).  MI dropped their 
front plate several years ago, and as far as I know they've seen 
no need to bring it back.

You're right, the trooper's reasoning is silly -- a hit-and-run 
victim certainly isn't memorizing the plate number as he bounces 
off the grille.  The assertion that it helps them spot expired 
plates is also nonsense; most states put the renewal stickers on 
the back, since the front of the car is approaching too fast to 
read them anyway.  The photo-radar hypothesis is the only 
plausible one I've heard.
> Only my cat shares my opinions, and she commits scratch-and-run.

Is that a feline felony, or just a mousedemeanor?

- Dave Dahl (dad@roadnet.ups.com)