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Re: Re(2): Suspension/Handling Problems

>I didn't see too much activity on this one, so I thought I'd add a few 
>comments.  First and foremost ... if you are doing a lot of driving at or 
>above 75 mph I hope that you are using VR or better rated tires.  HRs are 
>rated for operation to 85, but I'd be concerned running them at 75+ for 
>extended periods.
>Steve Buchholz

I think HR is good for 130 mph, VR for 150.  I believe that all tires sold
in the US must be able to stand speeds up to 85 mph.  Of course, properly
maintain your tires, or all bets are off.  Running very low pressure can
dammage the sidewalls, which can cause problems later, as heat builds, even
with proper pressure.

IMHO, HR is more than adequate for anything you will be doing on most U.S.
roads.  HR is designed for sustained speeds up to 130 mph. 

If you find a road in the US where you can routinley exceed 130 mph for an
extended period, please let me know (Without harrasement by the local
constabulary).  I would like to visit such a  place.  

Allan Morris