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Quaife Torsen Applications ...

It is my understanding that the Quaife for the 914 would bolt into the 
Audi Fox tranny ... but hey, I thought HR rated tires shouldn't be run 
at 90MPH, so what do I know?

> Sorry for not being more specific, I was refering to the TQC/4000 
> transmission series. A friend who rebuilds Porsche transmissions got a call 
> from a fellow who was wondering if there was a quaife lsd which would fit in 
> an Audi coupe GT. He looked into it and found that the 944 quaife would work 
> in that tranny, since a version of the  Audi tranny/front diff is used as 
> the tranny/rear diff in the 944. So I would guess that it would work in the 
> 4000s, but don't hold me to it. :-) I have no info on a 5000 application. I 
> thought about the quaife option, but not for long, given the cost of it. His 
> estimate to rebuild an Audi tranny with new internals was $1400 and a quaife 
> is another $1500 on top of that. I'll pass on this modification.
>  -
> Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com  

Was the $1400 just for labor on disassembly & reassembly, or are more mods 
required beyond bolting the ring gear on the quaife and adjusting the pinion?

Steve Buchholz