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RE: Quaife Torsen Applications ...

>Was the $1400 just for labor on disassembly & reassembly, or are more mods
>required beyond bolting the ring gear on the quaife and adjusting the 

It was a very rough estimate to go through the box and replace everything 
that should be replaced since you have it open, stuff like synchros, 
bearings, gears, seals, etc., essentially a rebuilt box with all new 
internals. For adjusting the pinion setting, he has the unbelievably 
expensive VW tool for doing all the VW, Audi and Porsche boxes. I watched 
him assemble a 944 transmission one time, quite the procedure, it went 
something like, install the ring and pinion with the tool, take 
measurements, disassemble, calculate shims needed, assemble with tool and 
new shims, measure, disassemble, final assembly. I didn't price what just a 
quiafe installation might be. If you are interested, I can pass along his 
name and number.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com