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Re: Quaife Torsen Applications ...

> Steve,
> >Was the $1400 just for labor on disassembly & reassembly, or are more
> >mods required beyond bolting the ring gear on the quaife and adjusting
> >the pinion?
> It was a very rough estimate to go through the box and replace everything 
> that should be replaced since you have it open, stuff like synchros, 
> bearings, gears, seals, etc., essentially a rebuilt box with all new 
> internals. For adjusting the pinion setting, he has the unbelievably 
> expensive VW tool for doing all the VW, Audi and Porsche boxes. I watched 
> him assemble a 944 transmission one time, quite the procedure, it went 
> something like, install the ring and pinion with the tool, take 
> measurements, disassemble, calculate shims needed, assemble with tool and 
> new shims, measure, disassemble, final assembly. I didn't price what just
> a quiafe installation might be. If you are interested, I can pass along
> his name and number.

I first heard of this from a person in Atlanta who races an '84 Coupe in ITB
... since I'm considering doing something similar, I would very much like to
know who this person is (no one around here seems interested in rebuilding a
transmission let alone installing a lsd designed for another car!)

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