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Re: Suspension/Handling Problems

> Several people have come forward with a shuddering vibration at highway
> speeds with several different platforms. I've also got a bit of this with
> my '87 4000q, 99k miles, orig suspension. It seems to occur at speeds
> between 60-75mph. At 80mph it seems to stabilize itself. The tech that
> my state inspections adv me to redo my control arm bushings(front) which
> I'm planning to do at next months suspension conversion. I think the
> original post on this problem was on a 4000 series FWD. My advice would be
> to check out your control arm bushings if you are happy with wheel
> bal/alignment.

Obviously, this can be caused by any number of things but the only time I
ever experienced it in my '85 4000 was after a day spent driving around a
racetrack ... as it turned out, I warped the front rotors due to my habit
of left-foot braking (since broken, thank you very much) and the "shimmy"
went away completely after I replaced them.

Since this is fairly easy to check, you might look into it before trying
any more dra$tic $olution$...

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