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Re: bonehead drivers

> On Thu, 2 Feb 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
> > Surprised that the 4.11 doesn't have more lowend I guess.  
> the culprit is the slushbox which saps quite a lot of power as well
> as the extra inertia of the extra driveshafts.  this is exactly the
> same box that bmw is using for their V12 cars and if you look at
> their acceleration numbers they are unremarkable for 300 bhp.

I wouldn't beleive it if I hadn't experienced it myself.  I had an
extended test drive of a  540i with the 5-spd automatic.  The 4.0, a
DOHC V-8 with 282 hp and considerable torque, I was ready for the drive
of my life.  With the auto in "D" (5th gear) the car was lethargic.  A
real slug.  Not horrible but not exciting.  In the heat of the moment I
yanked the selector to 3, floored it (which down shifted to 2nd gear)
and went from 25-80 mph in a very exciting, shoved in the seat, few
seconds.  Needless to say I left it in "3" the rest of the drive.

> recently they put out a 850i with 6 speed and that thing kicks
> ass in a big way.

I imagine the new manual option on the 540i to be the same.

Daniel Adams