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Re: A4

> [from Jason Filuk]
> [stuff deleted]
> >The a4 is certainly an engineering marvel but I dont know if I'm sold
> >on it's looks.  I know it's not as boxy as the old 90 series, but the old
> >90 series is 'boxy' in a very aerodynamic kind of way.  In particular
> >I dont really like the rear tail-lenses of the a4.  Just saw a commercial
> >for the new cavalier from chev, I thought there was some similarities too,
> >it made me reach for my glasses :-)
> >
> Don't know about the rear. But the projector high and low beams on the
> front should help. Most probably an upgrade from the 5000 headlights. :-)

An interesting sidenote.  The A6 in Germany has taillights on the quarter
panel only.  The taillights don't extend onto the trunk lid, as they do
on the US version of the A6.  So the appearance of the A4 taillights
might change.  But, the look of the A4 taillights follows the lead of
the 3-er and C-class.  Wait till November I guess!?!?

Daniel Adams