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re: 86 Ur-q in IA for sale

Well folks, after calling the fellow last
night and getting details on the car I will confess
to being more than a bit interested in it myself.

I have an 86 4kcsq now and have been looking into 
some serious performance mods for it (like an engine
swap to a 5ktq motor and IA stage II etc...).

If I do the math, its cheaper for me to buy an Ur-q
that is in good shape and tweak it.  And, yes this
Ur-q sounds to be in rather nice shape.

The bad news is I'm not exactly floating in $$$$
and will have to talk to my friendly banker (ack!!)
before going much further.  But my wife did not try
to kill me this morning when I 'introduced her' to the
idea of buying this car (just purchased my 86 4kcsq in

If I don't have any luck...  I'll post the details.

Needless to say - i'm selfish when it comes to good deals
on Ur-qs ;-).

I'll keep you posted.  I hope to see it this weekend.


p.s. the guy who owns it wants to buy an S4... some
people are just smarter or luckier or ...