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        Reply to:   RE>>BTW/YMMV?

We thought you'd never ask.  Select (1):

your mileage may vary
you macho, macho vixen
yes, make mine vodka
yow!  my mommy's victorious!
youthful melodies may vex
you maniac!  my vertebrae!
your Morris Minor vibrates
yesterday Mary modelled...vinyl
Yugos make me vomit

yeah, there's only 9 - in this case more than enough, i'm sure...

-- Peter of Lawrence Berkeley
Date: 2/3/95 9:19 AM
To: Peter Fraser
From: quattro@swiss.ans.net
>From:	SMTP%"quattro@swiss.ans.net"  3-FEB-1995 11:19:16.93
>To:	quattro@swiss.ans.net
>Subj:	BTW?????
> I've gone without knowing long enough!  What does BTW mean?  
>	Andrew

I just cant resist a question like this, especially on a friday....

	by the way
	before the wedding
	bend those wheels
	brandish that wonderbra
	belittling transient workers
	backstabbing temperamental women
	bavarian tricycle werks
	blasted tholian webs
	bring the whip
	benevolant totalitarian waterskiers

Figure I better stop at ten.  Thanks for the end of week release.  Please
direct all flames to my department chair.  

BTW, what does YMMV mean?

'88 5000cs-q with the perpetual fog