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Re: importing a 49-state car

        Reply to:   RE>importing a 49-state car to CA

i've done it - it was expensive!  this was for a '91 200 TQ going from Michigan
to CA IN JANUARY OF '94.  first i had to pay the difference in state sales
taxes between the state of purchase and CA, in this case something like 4%. 
then i had to pay a "smog impact fee" to CA, which was something like another
$800 (this amount was apparently determined by some completely arbitrary

So the bargain i thought i was getting by going to MI to get the thing ended up
being pretty much negated by the surprise fees.  oh, well.

-- peter of lawrence berkeley
Date: 2/7/95 10:59 AM
To: Peter Fraser
From: quattro@swiss.ans.net
CA Audi fans:

How much of a hassle is it to bring a non-CA Audi into CA?  I have an 86 5000CS
that I'm thinking of selling here in the east to prevent a hassle out there.
Should I even worry about this?

Any help is welcome.