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Re: importing a 49-state ca

        Reply to:   RE>>importing a 49-state car to CA

Date: 2/7/95 3:42 PM
To: Peter Fraser
From: quattro@swiss.ans.net

> I had heard about the paying the difference in sales tax crap.  Was it based
the original sales price of the car, or what you paid for it?

what i paid for it.

>  I've wondered if 
it would be possible to make a quick transaction for a ridiculously low price 
(with a friend) to get around that one.  

yeah - you can always do that, but only if there's a cash transaction and
everyone is "cool" about it.  we financed ours, so it had to be all out in the
open, and we paid the whole tariff as a result.

well, i gotta go now - i get all clenched up every time i think about it...i'm
not a libertarian or anything, but i think each means of taxation should at
least **appear** reasonable.

-- peter of lbl