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Re: '91 200TQ

> While out-and-about this weekend scavenging for parts, I happened across a
> 1991 200 Turbo Quattro Wagon that had been hit (lightly) on the left front
> corner


>I also have a line on a wrecked '91 200 Quattro w/ 73,000  miles.  Is
>this motor (20 valve, twin cam) a direct boltin in my '86 5K Quattro?  

Graydon D. Stuckey


Is it safe to own one of these, or do they have a hex on them....

Well, on another note, the real reason I came on today:

I am about to change employers, ( after 10 years ) and will
dissappear as cordeiro@adi.com.
However I hope to re-appear soon, whenever I get an E-mailaddress
at the new place.

Just wanted to update everyone on the POWER-STEERING PUMP rebuild
experiment. I was going to wait six months before I claimed
"some" sucess, but it has been five months without leaks.

The pump is a ZF built May '86, and was rebuilt using the
$14.95 ( on sale at that time ) kit from PAP. Just wanted to
let you all know in case anyone else was toying with the idea,
and had heard nothing but negative feedback.

Now comes an interesting side observation. Just before I re-built
the ZF pump, I was getting an occasional "brake" triangle
which would go away 30 seconds later. The one that only comes
when the car has been idle overnight, typically indicates that
you need a new presure accumulator. Well, during the re-build,
the whole system was flushed, and, interestingly enough, the
red "brake" triangle has gone away. I don't recall having seen
it in months. ( I have the original accumulator still ).
So remember, flush out that power steering fluid every two
years or so. It MIGHT save you from changing an accumulator,

I'm going to be around for a few days more, and

( Now let me see, how do I do this ??? If I remember correctly
I send mail to  quattro@swiss.ans.net  saying ....)

Alan Cordeiro