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Re: filling the transmission

>DDD- What"trick" is there for filling an '86 tq transmission?
>Icould not get any oil into the center diff. by filling via the normal fill 
>plug on the left hand side front diff.  I ended-up rebuilding the 
>transmission.... long story!

There is no trick, you just need the right "tool"

In my case, I bought a transmission oil filling "tool" from
Murrays Automotive ( discount auto chain here in Michigan )
which is really no more than a large syringe with a 1/4 inch
ID nylon plastic tube on the end. You need to fill this
stupid syringe repeatedly, perhaps eight or ten times, but
IT GETS THE JOB DONE ( even though there is oil all over
your clothes, hands, face ... perhaps I'm just messy ... ).

If I remember, it cost about six or seven bucks.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5ktq