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Re: Audi stuff in "Automobile"

On Fri, 3 Feb 1995, Kyung Min Yi wrote:

> As a both driver of Honda, and Audi, I have to admit that both
> are excellent cars.  I like my 85 4000s 1.8 because, it is


> However, my brother told me that
> when he was racing against Vtec model of Prelude, Vtec
> flied away from his sight at above 110 mph.  So, I guess Vtec
> works in very high speed, but, how often we drive over 110mph?
> 0-60 for Prelude SI is 7.8, and for Vtec is 7.2.  Even though i

Don't be bullied by performance numbers Peter.  More often than most 
people think, driver skill can make up for at least .6 sec.  
Coming from central Ohio, I still sometimes can't resist the stop light 
drag races.  I know, I should, but...
Anyhow, I have beaten many cars that the magazines say should be much 
faster than mine.  Driver skill/exprience is a big part, but it also 
depends on how well one keeps his/her vehicle.  If Joe Camaro needs a 
tune-up, is a little slow to shift, and is running 87 octane gas, you 
wold be suprized how much slower a "fast" car will go.

If the 0-60 times were separated by 1-2 seconds, your chances are much 
smaller, but with only about 1/2 second difference, the odds are a lot 
closer than you may think.
			My $.02