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Re: kissin' cousins question

On Fri, 3 Feb 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Boy I'd sure give it a try.  My scirocco app wasn't even close to not
> fitting.  The only concern I could think of is exposure underneath do to
> length of HP1.  I remember one of the mags did a report on filters and HP1's
> were by far the best...  Let us know how it worked for fitment.

I called a local shop, who had the HP1 for about $10.  He said that the 
HP series doesn't filter down to as many particles as the standard Fram 
does.  I don't have the micron specifications, they are at home.  But, 
using the logic that an HP1 will fit, so will a standard PH8A (big 
Ford).  I think that this might be better for my app., but haven't tried 
it yet.

The guy at the shop (Summit Racing Equip.) said that the HP1 is great for 
a race engine flowing *mucho* psi, but would not filter as well as a 
standard for street use.  It seems the little "holes" in the filtering 
element are larger in the HP's, allowing a large volume of oil to pass, 
but letting bigger chunks of goo through.  It was a matter of microns of 
difference, but I don't know...

Has anyone else fitted a large Fram to the 1.8?  It seems to have a 3/4 " 
thread (16 pitch) and I don't know if it will fit the stock mount.  
PDQSHIP, you mentioned that your Scirocco was a ProRally car, and that it 
had an aftermarket oil cooler on it.  Do you think that is the reason why 
the Fram fit?  I just find it hard to imagine that the Germans would use 
a 3/4 inch thread rather than something metric.