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Re: V8 quattro

>i have been tracking the v8 prices for some time now...  about 11/2 yrs ago i
>negotiated a 90v8a down to 16 at a local audi dealer, then bailed on the test
>drive cuz of lack of proper shift in the trans...  Since then the prices have
>started t o creep back up, I don't see many around here (even wholesale)
>below 20...  The 5spd I saw one about 6mo ago for 22k, nary another,
>certainly a hot car.  
>But, what still amazes me is that the 20v turbos are just now getting down to
>be under the v8, for almost 2yrs a v8 could be had for about 5 off the going
>price for a 20vturbo....   The 20vturbo q  avant, however is still a scarce
>(as are 10v avantq's) is hovering at the 23-27k mark regardless of miles...
>  Currently looking to buy probably a 89200tq for the dual knock sensors, and
>I'll put the RS2 turbo on it and give the bump to 320hp.  I would love to
>find an 89 TQavant for this purpose, but the prices are just too damned hi...
> but what a sleeper in RS2 trim a wagon would be!  
>I am thinking that the v8, if one appears around that is reasonable might be
>a nice toy to tweek, a little skeptical on how much of the bottom I can bring
>back with mods tho.  If you have the 4.11 in yours I'm not convinced I can
>get more torque easily enough...  A 5spd v8 would be a done deal however.
> Keep you posted...  Sometimes my choices are made for me, a friend in MI is
>in the business of q's and set me up sight-unseen with my current 5ktq...  

For the record, guys...in Autoweek's last issue:

'91 V8 Quattro, Pearl/gray 5 speed.  ALL books and records
(319) 242-815  

That's in Iowa, boys...if only I could!!