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Re: V8 quattro

Thanks for the info on the v8 eliot...  Hoping I can find someone who is as
familiar with the performance you assert, around here...  Would like to try
out your technique

The RS2 in the S4, I would think would deliver more HP, but the S4 turbo is
quicker spooling and smaller, more towards the torque part of the turbo
theory.  Just finished the S2 install in my 5ktq and found that, with the
stage II IA mods, I'm seeing 1.8 bar as low as 2300 rpm with no knock sensor
interrupt, (even running 8 degrees cam advance), so I think the RS2 can be
dialed back to deliver some serious torque.

The RS2 I acquired was actually first put on a IA customers' S4 and the
evaluation was that the HP was awesome, but the lag was too much between
shifts, so the guy returned it...  Lucky for me, altho I think if he spent
some time on some other parameters, he might have been happier.