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Re: schrick and RS2/S4

Agree, but the S4 turbo is designed to give max boost at below 1950, so it
will certainly peter out sooner than the RS2...  The RS2 with the mods I
currently have however is giving me some big boost numbers 1.6 @2300 down low
with my current setup...  Obviously not getting the full benefits of the 2
right now but the linear power is certainly higher that any s4 I've driven

BTW, Ned ritchie has a 280hp setup for the s4 with no turbo mods, but my
thinking is that with some creative uses of the stock turbo and 272 cam, you
can get this on the 5ktq.  Where the S4 will always have the immediate
advantage is in the between shift throttle on, because the boost is bled
instead of shut off as in the other turbos.

I looked at the numbers pretty seriously last year on the S4...  My
evaluation (Dan @di.com can help here) was that for my purposes (mostly
loaded w/ kids and stuff on speed runs), the S4 turbo will actually yield
lower numbers at a given rpm because of its size.

Also, after putting my vericom and g-analyst on both cars with some street
tests, my 5ktq took the S4 on just about every performance test (exc. 0-30).
 Starting with the baseline on the RS2 as of today, and am finding the torque
 more than ample...