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New Member w/ 5000 Quattro


	Please excuse me if I screw up the protocol here.  I'm new to Internet

	I just bought a 1986 5000 CS Quattro.  It has quite a few miles but has
been very well maintained.  Silver/gold with black/gray leather interior.
Almost all of the toys work except the driver seat heater.  I haven't had time
yet to check out the heater.  I cranked up the boost approx. 0.1 bar and it is
quite a bit more sprightly on the highway.  I'll crank it up some more after I
get a proper boost gauge.  I also put Redline MTL in the transmission a couple
days ago.  It is starting to work into the synchros, and improving the shifting.
I have ordered a MOMO shift knob and steering wheel hub for my spare MOMO
Prototipo that I will install as soon as they arrive.  I also just received a
Trust Turbo timer and have ordered APEX lowering springs from Holland.  When
they arrive, I will also install a set of Koni shocks.  I put Eibach springs and
Konis on my Father's '86 5000 Quattro (like father, like son<BG>, My grandad
also has an '85 5000 FWD!) and his car handles VERY nicely.

RE: HVAC aspirator fan

>This is the fan located under the little vent hole in the center 
> of the dashboard. Of course this cheesy little motor is ONLY $215 at >the

	This fan merely draws a small amount of air past the temp sensor.  It's
not rocket scince, so don't spend $215 at the dealer.  Most of the Cadillacs
aspirate about 3-5 CFM, so if you can rig up a Radio Shack fan or something
similar, it will work.  You don't need to spend $215.00!  The new GM G-Cars
(Aurora/Riviera) use a little venturi on the HVAC air control module to draw air
past the temp sensor.  They don't use a separate motor.  I haven't worked on my
HVAC yet but I have worked on GM-Cadillac HVACs for the past few months.  Quite
a few other cars in the wrecking yards also have aspirator fans, so rig up one
of those.

	I'll keep you posted as I improve my new 5KTQ.

Graydon D. Stuckey