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A8 Drive!


	Not trying to rub it in here, just thought I should respond to
yesterday's message since probably a few of you might be interested.  I had the
opportunity to drive an A8 in Michigan in Nov. for an entire morning.  As a
point of reference, I work for Cadillac, so I have alot of seat time in STSs and
Eldorados, as well as the 750iL, LS400 ('94 and '95), GS300, and, of course, my
own '86 5KTQ.
	The A8 is, the best sedan I have ever driven, period.  The ergonomics of
the interior are excellent.  The chassis is very stiff yet vibration and shocks
from the road are effectively filtered from the cabin.  The steering is very
linear, providing accurate feedback about the attitude of the suspension.  The
brakes are hard, and easy to modulate.  The suspension is very neutral, and
forgiving.  The interior is possibly the quietest of any car I have ever driven.
	The performance is very good for a sedan.  Although I think that the STS
might have an edge over the A8, it is still very fast.  (The STS might FEEL
faster due to more squat, I don't know.)  When the road gets messy, of course,
there would be nothing faster.
	The Tiptronic is neat, and might be usable on a track, but was mostly
unnecessary on the street.
	Overall, the A8 is the most confidence-inspiring of any car I have ever

Graydon D. stuckey