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<<i was wondering if you knew what the feeling
is within GM as to whether the A8 has even a chance in freezing h*ll
of being able to survive in the north american market.  it is a
foregone conclusion that this car is going to be a money loser, but
i wonder how much they are prepared to lose by attempting to sell
it here, with the poor exchange rates currently.>>

	I don't know about within GM, but judging by the exceptional display at
the Detroit auto show, I am guessing that Audi expects to reap at least some
benefit by bringing the A8 to America.  They had a drivetrain cutaway, a full A8
cutaway, and a complete A8 on display.  I don't know too much about marketing,
(I'm an engineer, remember?) but I think it will all depend on the price that
Audi asks for the A8.  I think that as long as the price is less than or equal
to the BMW 7 series, they will do OK.  If the price is significantly below, they
might just do very well.
	Sure wish I could snag those A8 wheels before they crush it!  NO NO, just
kidding, they'll dismantle it for analysis, but it won't be crushed (I hope.)

<<WRT U.S. stock cam, I have to disagree. It sucks. It "comes on" about 3,000
and has shot its wad by 5,000rpm.>>

	I agree with the RPM analysis, but I suspect that turbo and exhaust
restriction has alot to do with the lack of high RPM tork.  I found the same in
a Talon.  After the turbo, exhaust, and head were properly worked over, the
engine pulled strongly to the redline.

	Regarding the Schrick cam, is it the assymettrical piece like they have
for the VW 2.0?  I put EFI on a VW 2.0 with a Schrick assym. cam, and it ran
VERY nicely.  If so, I would be VERY tempted to try one on my 5KTQ.