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Torsen diff in '86 5KTQ


	A couple of years ago, I happened across a Gleason Torsen differential
which I understood is the part used in the center of a later 5KTQ.  I kept it on
the back shelf with the thought that some day I might use it in a small formula
racing car for SCCA A-Mod autocrossing.  Now that I have an '86 5KTQ with
lockable center diff, I am very curious about whether or not this diff will
fit/bolt-in to my car.  Does anyone know?

	I also have a line on a wrecked '91 200 Quattro w/ 73,000  miles.  Is
this motor (20 valve, twin cam) a direct boltin in my '86 5K Quattro?  I would
use an aftermarket EFI system, and I would do some performance mods to the
engine before installation.  Would it give me alot more power or just a little
more power than the 10valve engine?

	Thank you for your help and advice.