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5KCSTQ deal?

<<I am interested in purchasing a 1987 5000CS Quattro with 138k miles
Looks like both turbo and clutch are shot, but still drivable, whats
the average retail price for such a quattro?
Will be looking at it again this friday,the car is in NJ, owner wants
$3500 negotiable. What do you guys think?
thanks for the help
Dariusz Leszko>>

	I bought my '86 5KCSTQ for $2450.00 w/ 156,000 miles but otherwise in
excellent shape.  It was a one-owner car, always maintained by the dealer, and
everything works except the driver seat heater and the diff lock switch, both of
which I think will be fixed rather easily.  I think that I got a little better
deal than average because I bought through a friend who is a very successful
auto wholesaler, and knows how to find good deals.