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Re: importing a 49-state car to CA

> i've done it - it was expensive!  this was for a '91 200 TQ going from Michigan
> to CA IN JANUARY OF '94.  first i had to pay the difference in state sales
> taxes between the state of purchase and CA, in this case something like 4%. 
> then i had to pay a "smog impact fee" to CA, which was something like another
> $800 (this amount was apparently determined by some completely arbitrary
> method).
> ==SLICE==
> -- peter of lawrence berkeley
> peter_fraser@macmail.lbl.gov 
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> Date: 2/7/95 10:59 AM
> CA Audi fans:
> How much of a hassle is it to bring a non-CA Audi into CA?  I have an 86 5000CS
> TQ
> that I'm thinking of selling here in the east to prevent a hassle out there.
> Should I even worry about this?
> Any help is welcome.
> ...bill
I had heard about the paying the difference in sales tax crap.  Was it based on 
the original sales price of the car, or what you paid for it?  I've wondered if 
it would be possible to make a quick transaction for a ridiculously low price 
(with a friend) to get around that one.  

Steve Buchholz