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Plastic Tank repairs


<<My Mercedes 560SEL has a radiator with plastic tanks with a slow
leak at the joints. The MB service manual shows the procedure for repairing
such leaks but it seems involved. I am thinking of doing it myself. Anyone
have experience fixing plastic radiator tank leaks? Any advice/pointers?
- -Zafer>>

	I have fixed a couple RX-7 rads w/ plastic tanks.  The only thing to
watch is the little tabs on the aluminum core.  They can fatigue and break if
they are bent back and forth too many times.  You may be able to merely crimp
the tabs a little tighter where the rad is leaking, but you might have to take
it apart and install a new O-ring, or possibly even new tanks (IF you can get
'em - I got mine in the wrecking yards)