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Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools

Hello all,

Please forgive me if I have violated any protocol 
here.  This is my first attempt on the net.

I would like to hear from anyone who is a member of the
Quattro Club USA. (Those that aren't can respond also)

I will be running a driving school sponsored by the QCUSA
at Watkins Glen International on July 10 & 11 1995.  
Tentative plans have a joint effort with the local BMW club.
The event will be open to members of either club, and any type of automobile 
will be welcome, provided that it passes a safety inspection.  The club board 
has not decided on a final cost yet, but it should be in the $250 range for 
the 2 days.

If there is any interest on the net, let me know.

Marshall Fletcher