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Re: ur-Quattro-straight pipe

  I am running a straight pipe on my '85 ur-Quattro, 2 1/2" all the way
  back to a SS SuperTrapp muffler with no baffles, a straight pipe
  effectively all the way, basically. No center muffler, just the
  cataclysmic perverter. This system does result in better throttle
  response, faster turbo-spinup and generally better all-around
  performance. There is no detecetable loss to low-end or mid-range torque
  or responsiveness. The turbo quiets the sound enough that the straight
  pipe with no real muffler is totally acceptable on the street, IMFO. It's
  actually much quieter Vs my 4000Qs with the same setup, 2 1/4" pipe, with
  the baffles *installed* on the SuperTrapp. Go for it!