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Re: A8

>> Regarding the Schrick cam, is it the assymettrical piece like they have
>> for the VW 2.0?  I put EFI on a VW 2.0 with a Schrick assym. cam, and it ran
>> VERY nicely.  If so, I would be VERY tempted to try one on my 5KTQ.
>Yes, the Audi Schricks are assymetrical.
>                                                         Dan Bocek
>                                                         dan@di.com

The "Schrick 272" is exactly the same profile for both 4 and 5 cyl. It is
asymetrical with 272 int. 268 ex. and an 11.2 mm lift. The "Schrick 268"
which may or may not still be available is a slightly milder cam that is
symetrical.  Both cams have 110 deg lobe centers.


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)