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Re: 20V for ur-Q?

>  ..snip...                               This is what I'm shooting
>  for with the ur-Quattro Engine From Hell project. 320 HP would be 2x
>  stock. That's a nice number.  :)  I've just about given up on the stroker
>  idea though, too high a cost for a relatively small benefit and reduced
>  reliability and engine life. I will be going with a large bore increase,
>  possibly to 2.4 liters. 
>  ..snip.....
>  -glen

Where are you going to get 84mm pistons and big bore head gasket for same?
Can the gasket from the 2.31 (82.5mm) be modified to work? Are you going to
use a later block or push the 2.1?


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)