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Re: 20V for ur-Q?

  I too have considered a 20V engine for my '85 ur-Q for some years. After
  looking at the cost and complexity of the conversion and the fact that
  the Pro-Rally guys have no problem in getting 450+ reliable HP from the
  10V engine, I concluded that, for the street/strip, a reliable 300-320 HP
  can be achieved with the 10V at far lower cost. This is what I'm shooting
  for with the ur-Quattro Engine From Hell project. 320 HP would be 2x
  stock. That's a nice number.  :)  I've just about given up on the stroker
  idea though, too high a cost for a relatively small benefit and reduced
  reliability and engine life. I will be going with a large bore increase,
  possibly to 2.4 liters. Most of the other power/torque increases will be
  through improved breathing, big boost increases, the existing S4 turbo
  and Stage II IA CPU. I'm looking at a SS tubular header, substantial head
  work and  intake manifold work and/or extrude hone, possibly a cam, etc.
  Mixture enrichment will be supported if the stock fool system cannot keep
  up with flow requirements. A larger or more efficient intercooler might
  also be part of the package, testing will be the determining factor here.
  Existing electronic monitoring of knock and mixture (not closed-loop)
  will also be supported, as well as, posisbly, inlet and exhaust temps.
  Shooting for an April 1st test flight.....