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re:Hydraulic Lifters and others QandA.

About the hydraulic lifter clattering.
There is a small valve bulid in the lifters to keep the oil in them.This
valves could be clugged by dyrty oil. I got a tip to run the engine with
fresh oil, on the highway with high rews on low gear for 5 min. to make a
high flow of fresh oil trough my lifters. The clattering decresed
significantly at start, even after leaving the car during a coupple of

My Q to you, are there a tendency to mix the engine oil with gas, passing
the piston rings in the engines.

On hydraulic oil, I got the tip to replace it every 2y with Citroen
hydraulic fluid, to avoid damage to the pump.

I asked in a previous mail about your opinion on hydraulic self leveling at
the rear axis. Relaibility, comfort improvements a.s.o.
Haven't got any opnion so far. I know it's rare but is it really that rare.
You could recognise it easily on the hydraulic tank ( servo tank ). If it's
cylindric it's the std. suspension, and if it's qubic you got
hydrophneumatic suspension rear.

My next Q are about the types are 100/200 eq. to 5000 and 80/90 eq. to 4000.
and finally Avant eq. station.

-- sven-erik tiberg --