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Self-leveling rear suspension.

This is my first mail to this list.

I like to wrench and experiment with cars and MC's.

Got a -87 AUDI 100 CC Avant last year.
As I was changing to winter-tyres, I discovered that the car was equipted with
self-leveling control a'la Citroen rear.
The actuators was replaced with standard shock absorbers, but the rest was
left on the car.

Before I'll get a new set of acctuators $800, I would like to hear your
opinion on that type of suspension.

I asked my local dealer about feed pressure 140bar+ and gas pressure in the
accumulators 25bar. Are these figures correct.

Has anyone experimented with this suspension, tryed to make it slow-active?.

Sven-Erik Tiberg
Div. of Mechanical Enginnering.
Lulea Univ. of Technology.

- 87 Audi 100 cc / avant, -78 Audi 100 GL5E, -78 BMW R100RS/4V