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Was:newbie questions

On Feb. 7, 1995 AudiDudi@delphi.com wrote: 
> > > Got my wife another Audi, it's her third Audi in 3 years :).
> > 
> > I hope the others still have good homes, and have not met
> > violent or untimely deaths ;-)
> So long as the occupants aren't hurt, I for one think it's GOOD that cars
> occasionally meet with "violent or untimely deaths" ... otherwise, where
> would I find those "dealer only" parts I always seem to need at prices I
> can afford?

When I worked in Germany a crash analysis user of our computer at VW told me,
and I will paraphrase, "Better the car absorbs this violent energy than your 

He spoke of when he worked for GM in the '60's, and they would have
minor exterior damage to the "Built like an anvil car" after a collision, 
and the engineers would say "Without the blood stains you can hardly tell 
anyone got killed"

He also said that because of the high speeds used in Europe (old days)
VW found that when a family member died in an accident the surviving
family was reluctant to remain with a VW, but if that person survived
the collision then it would spur brand loyalty within that familiy.
This from the people who made the beetle, and the "I've got 6 inches between
my toes and the front bumper" Combi van, Although he laughed and said those
usually got hit from behind on the autobahn. :-)
Makes sense to me... 40hp? Duh.

Safe Driving, and God Speed to all,


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