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RE: Insurance ?'s

The 5000 could be considered a lower risk. You should look at your insurance
and see exactly what went up and maybe down. For me, property damage coverage
was lower on the 5000 than the 4000 because the 5000 had ABS. It also might be
the case that there are more accidents caused by 4000 drivers than 5000 (not
saying that there are, but certain types of cars cost more for certain types of
insurance due to this.)


 Got a question for all of you. . . 

	When I had my 4000cs on the road, I paid $1200 a year in
insurance.  Now that I own a 5ktq (great car) my insurane is lower!!!
In the end I will end up paying about $100 less a year.  Remember, the
4000 was non quattro.  I guess what I am asking is, "Why am I paying
less insurance on my expensive all-wheel drive turbo charged car than I
did on my 4000?"

	Any ideas?