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Re: Insurance ?'s

> 4000 was non quattro.  I guess what I am asking is, "Why am I paying
> less insurance on my expensive all-wheel drive turbo charged car than I
> did on my 4000?"
> 	Any ideas?
> 	Thanks,
> 	Andrew
>-- End of excerpt from Andrew Shea

>Typically insurance companies base their rates on claims history. Maybe, since
>the 4000 is a less expensive car to buy new, more young guys buy them and crash
>them. And since the 5ktq cost more to buy new, only staid drivers less likely
>to crash them bought them. If an insurance company pays more dollars in claims
>for the 4000 than the 5000, the cost of insuring the 4000 will be higher.

Hmmm... Im 30, married etc.. my insurance went UP when I went from a 4000sq to a 90 20VQ, and that has Airbags, Alarm, ABS etc!!!!