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Re: Insurance ?'s

>>, "Why am I paying
>> less insurance on my expensive all-wheel drive turbo charged car than I
>> did on my 4000?"

>Typically insurance companies base their rates on claims history. Maybe, since
>the 4000 is a less expensive car to buy new, more young guys buy them and crash
>them. And since the 5ktq cost more to buy new, only staid drivers less likely
>to crash them bought them. If an insurance company pays more dollars in claims
>for the 4000 than the 5000, the cost of insuring the 4000 will be higher.

This absolutely must be the case.  I pay MORE for my '86 5000 than for my
'93 Grand Caravan.  The Audi is worth something like $3000, the Dodge about
$15,000.  Seems pretty stupid to me,
considering that I'm the same driver in either vehicle.  I must say that the
Audi has a lot less wind
noise above 75, but then after driving a vanagon for 5 years I guess I'm
impressed with a van
that will go above 75, noisey or not! :-)
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation