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Re: [Robert Shain: Source for Boge Audi Shocks]

>Thanks.  What a coincidence.  I see you driving down the road and an hour 
>later there is mail from you.  Wouldn't mind riding around the block on 
>the Monroes.

So, it IS the SAME Bob Shain!  Yes, that is a funny coincidence, isn't it!
Sure, I'd be
happy to let you see what the Monroes are like.  We just have to figure out
when.  I 'spose that it might be convenient for me to stop at your place on
my way home - would that work for you some day?

I had mixed feelings about using the Monroes - you know, the usual "German
parts are
always superior, especially for a German car" sort of thing.  I honestly
think that its true for some things - certainly, I'd only use original
equipment for just about everything
else I can think of, except maybe brake pads.... but the Monroes do have 
a good rep....

I should also tell you that I thought my strut inserts were ok.  Alright,
103k miles is a long
way for "shocks," but the car passed the classic "bounce it 3 time" test and
the wheel
was unperturbed on rough pavement.  Nevertheless, I could easily compress
the old
inserts when they were out.  Much too easily.  (moral: the suspension
geometry is very
forgiving of bad dampers)  With the Monroes, the whole car feels a lot
tighter.  Its subtle,
but much nicer.

I had the work done at NTW's Spring Hill Rd. shop.  When I saw how easily
the rear
struts come out, I thought that I'd made a mistake in not doing it myself.
Next time! (on 
the next car that is.. a non-transferable lifetime warrantee on parts and
labor is part of
the deal).
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation