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More on cheap shocks for 5K, and trunk light

On Feb 27,  9:20am, jason douglas wrote:
> I had mixed feelings about using the Monroes - you know, the usual "German
> parts are
> always superior, especially for a German car" sort of thing.  I honestly
> think that its true for some things - certainly, I'd only use original
> equipment for just about everything
> else I can think of, except maybe brake pads.... but the Monroes do have
> a good rep....
>-- End of excerpt from jason douglas

	Talking about Monroe's, I just asked Sears to order me a pair
	of their Gabriel strut cartridges for my '85 5KT... they cost
	$19.99 a piece, and they'll install them for $20.00 a side.
	OK, so they aren't Boges, but I'm not planning to autocross
	them either.  For $80.00 installed, and a "lifetime" warranty to boot,
	I figure these *must* be better than the factory originals
	with 103K (there's that number again, Jason) on them.

	Just for comparison, I went down to my friendly import car parts
	place down the road and asked for prices on several of the reputed
	brands (Boge, Bilstein, KYB ..) -- they're all about $65-70 for
	*one* cartridge.

	Talking about installation, I hadn't realized that the fronts
	could be replaced without even removing the wheel.  Looks *really*
	simple according to Bentley .. except for the special socket to
	get the retaining cap off.  Anyone tackled this? Is it really
	as simple as it looks?

	On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone know where the
	switch for the trunk light is?  My trunk light isn't working, and
	I'm trying to figure out why.