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Re: [Robert Shain: Source for Boge Audi Shocks]

>I guess Boge (turbo?) gas shocks are the consensus of the 'net for combining 
>ride, handling and value ... any good sources for these or comparable units?

At the risk of (again) uttering heresy, let me point out the monroe
alternative.  Yes, yes, I
use German parts exclusively....almost.  When it came to shocks, the prce
difference was
so great and the Monroe reputation is pretty good......  After a month with
the Monroes, I'm
still happy.

Objectively, there are probably two considerations in selecting strut inserts

1. ride/handling: can't say if new boges are really better than new monroes.
I can tell you that the monroes are *MUCH* better than dead boges. In other
words, the improvement will be
so great, you will be happy with the monroes.

2. Durability: well, the jury is out.  However, if you are only keeping the
car for a year.......
(Note that monroes - and probably the boges- come with lifetime warrantees).

>Also, what should I expect to pay to have 4 shocks installed by a local 
>garage?  TIA!

I paid $315 for all four installed on an '86 5000S, including a 4 wheel
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation